Born in DC and raised in Chicago, I've made a home all over North America. I've been illustrating since I was old enough to wrap my fingers around a crayon and it immediately turned into a major propensity. I've been designing promotional material commercially for about 15 years, with roughly 4 years professionally for established firms in Calgary.

I made the move to Nanaimo 9 years ago to accomodate the increasing demand spanning Victoria to Vancouver while still providing that swift turnaround everybody back in Calgary have come to expect.

What is Soloman?
Soloman Media is an independent company with the sole purpose of providing an opportunity for all demographics to receive greater promotional material rather than just those that can afford it.

I believe there are two key elements intrinsic to success in promotional branding and graphic design - Discipline & Creativity. Without both a project rapidly becomes flat and boring, so as a graphics professional I'd like to work with creative, forward-thinking and hard-working individuals with a singular focus: create the most effective and eye catching graphics possible.
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