What are your rates? Discounts?
The prevailing rate as of January 2014 is $90/hr across the board with the inclusion of a small Soloman "fireball" somewhere on the product. Posters rarely exceed the hour, Apparel around 3-5 billable hours.

I only offer discounts to recurring monthly accounts and legitimate charities. If you're a venue or promoter that puts on at least 5 shows a month the rate is negotiable. If you're neither you can try to beat me on Xbox, and good luck with that.

I want a gig poster, how should I send the lineup?
So long as you blatantly note who's headlining I'll figure out the rest. For the bulk of my orders the headliner is at the top, opener bottom - Like you'd see on the poster, reverse chronologically.

What are your policies regarding payment?
For accumulative invoices exceeding $400 I expect a %50 deposit to get started, then the completed file will be delivered upon settling up. Please consider that when you pay by mailed check this usually takes up to 2 weeks to process.

How do I pay?
Absolutely any way that is most convenient for you! I accept Paypal, Visa/MC, Interac Email Transfers & CASH.
You can send all funds to eric@solomanmedia.com. Make checks and money orders out to Soloman Media.


How do I print my stuff?
There are literally dozens of print shops in any given city. Once the project is finished I'll upload either a vector (Apparel - AI) or 300dpi bitmaps (Print - JPG/PSD) to my server where you can download or forward the link to the relevant parties. If you've got an FTP login handy I can also upload directly to their server!

I'm new, what's the creative process?
The first step is getting in touch, give me a hollar and put all your ideas on the table.
For most projects I prefer an email to get the ball rolling simply for the sake of content integrity.
Having a written document ensures that all critical information is included and with the correct spelling.

I'll assess the project and try to give you a solid estimate and completion date based on existing workload.
As I finish checkpoints I'll provide you with a "proof" so you can confirm format, composure, colors, artwork etc.

Once approved, I expect all outstanding funds to be settled and I'll make the file available for download.


What's the average time to finish a...
Print - Proofed within 48 hours.
Apparel - Varies depending on intricacy, usually completed within 2 weeks.
Website - Varies depending on intricacy, usually completed within 2-4 weeks.
The above is based on a steady workload, if I'm caught by the rare unforeseen circumstances you will be notified.

Invoice says it took 5 hours, why'd I wait a week?
From the minute I receive an order I begin brainstorming ideas and execution, I'm experimenting methods and considering the best course of action. I don't bill out for the time I spend contemplating and sometimes I need several sittings to keep it fresh. While you get the final approval, I work on it until I'm satisfied and feel it sufficiently represents my ability.

I need this TONIGHT! Can you help?
Sure can! However, all rush orders come at the sacrifice of my social life and I'll need compensation to buy my lady something nice. There is a $30/hr surcharge and reduces the ETA by half, if it'd normally take a month you can expect it in 2 weeks.

I want to challenge you on Xbox, what's the deal?
The deal is simple, you beat me at any of the games I've picked you get 10% off your total invoice*. If your uncanny skills make me wish I were back at work, your gamertag is your coupon code. Please mention code when you place the order.

THE GAMES - Destiny, Titanfall, COD: AW
*One discount per gamertag per month. Discount will not exceed $100. Challenges subject to availabilty, set it up via email.

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