The difference between Soloman Media and all the other 9-5 design agencies out there is.. I don't work 9-5. I understand that deadlines don't cease to exist at 5:01 and at 5:23 when you realize you need a poster for the show next Friday, I'm there for you! Give me a shout and I'll do everything within my power to make it happen!

Soloman Media caters to all demographics across the country, however I specialize in the production of material in Western Canada. If you're interested in having something created by yours truly but don't want to make the trip to Nanaimo.. FEAR NOT! I've compiled a list of contacts of TRUSTED printing agencies in various districts that act as satellites to ensure you get what you need as soon as you need it! Alternatively, I'm able to put files into a download folder on my FTP that'll allow you forward the link to the relevant parties.

If you're located somewhere I haven't listed and know of a printer with the invaluable talents of speed and quality, let me know!

West Canadian
200 - 1601 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0H4
P 780-424-1000
F 780-990-0260
Impact Digital
25 Cavan Street
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 2T9
P 250-824-0011
1322 Broad Street
Victoria, British Columbia V8W 2A9
P 250-384-7653
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